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Who has time to read a long review? We offer bite-sized condensed gadget reviews that you get directly in your email inbox and on your favorite podcast player.


I have a knack for buying cheap gadgets in hopes they’ll be as good as the name brand. It doesn’t always work out but sometimes I save money and get a kick-butt gadget. I summarize my long reviews on Digital Bounds, down to bite-sized reads that will tell you to buy, stay away, or recommend that “cheap,” just as good alternative.


Have questions about which router, headphones, or laptop you should buy? I use Anchor to answer questions, talk about my reviews, and give follow ups to everything I’ve talked about. I also summarize the latest news about startups, tech culture, and everything else in tech.

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Leon Hitchens

I started blogging 7 years ago about technology. Since then, I’ve built a successful blog that reaches 20,000 readers each month. I’ve worked with TechSmartt, The Next Web, Android Authority, and other tech focused outlets. I’ve reviewed gadgets from the Galaxy S8 to the hottest electric skateboards.

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Digital Bounds

Digital Bounds is a technology blog where you can find hot takes, technology reviews, and the latest news. We attend the biggest trade shows to show you the latest gadgets, talk about future trends, and offer hot takes on the industry. While Leon does most of the writing, there are a handful of freelance writers who take a stab at reviews, best of guides, and offer their hot takes.