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Gadget Smart offers bite-sized reviews, technology news, and opinions on trends within the gadget and technology space. Instead of long-from videos, we focus on shorter podcasts and condensed newsletters.

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Leon Hitchens

I started writing about technology and gadgets while in high school. It has been 10+ years since I graduated. Since then, I’ve written for technology sites like VR Source, Android Authority, TechSmartt, The Next Web, and dozens of others.

Now, I am sharing my passion for technology through bite-sized podcast episodes and newsletter blasts.


Podcast episodes cover new gadgets and the latest technology news and offer advice on which gadget you should buy. I use the podcast to share my opinions and answer questions about which router to buy, which over-the-ear headphones have the best battery, or what random smart home tech will make your life easier.

The podcast is between 10 and 25 minutes long. It can be listened to during a morning commute or, if you work from home, during the morning routine process.

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Hundreds of great technology journalists, YouTubers, and bloggers create content and share their thoughts online. In the Gadget Smart Newsletter, I collect the best of each month’s news and curate the content into one newsletter.

Helping you get all the best content online in your inbox. Plus, there are quick hit summaries to help you understand videos, reviews, and other content online. Read and share with everyone.

The newsletter is a work in progress and will come sometime in the Spring of 2024!

Coming Q2 of 2024